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This transformational 30 Day program is designed to empower you to achieve 1 significant life goal through consistent daily action, motivation, inspiration, coaching, and accountability. You will Fiercely employ a daily Winners are never Quitters mentality. You will become exceedingly skilled in executing a Formidable Bounce Back Game plan. AND you will Flawlessly implement a Focused Champion Action Strategy that ensures your absolute success!

At the end of an Amazing 30 days together, and as a result of your new Fierce, Focused, and Formidable identity, you will be able to replicate and reproduce this life changing victory strategy to achieve ANY GOAL you desire in ANY AREA of your life! Whether it be desired change in your Faith, Finances, Family (relationships), life path career Fulfillment or advancement), or Fitness (health & wellness).

What do you get in this life transforming program?

30 Day Press Private Facebook accountability Group

Lifetime access to membership site on Teachable

3 Day Prep workbook

30 Daily video & printed lessons

Weekly video coaching calls with Q&A

Weekly elite individual coaching calls

What makes my 30 Day Press program uniquely different than anything you’ve ever tried before?

My unique & copywritten 7 step Champion Action Plan that you can quickly apply to any area of desired life change.

My distinctive 5 step Bounce Back Game Plan that ensures you have the mind, will, and strength to immediately GET UP should you ever slip temporarily.

And my one-of-a-kind Daily 3-2-1 mindset strategy that quickly turns YOU in your own cheerleader, who models the expert inspiration, motivation, and coaching skills I possess.

There’s no time like the present! And there will never be another today. Click the link to get started right now 😊